Berkeley Real Estate Information

Berkeley is a rather large city situated in the central western portion of the Golden State, California. Berkeley has a population of approximately one hundred and three thousand residents, a considerable figure, but still less than the number of people living in the neighboring city of Oakland. Berkeley is technically considered a city of the state of California, and is located in Alameda County, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley is found in the northwestern portion of the state of California, and is noted as being one of the strongholds of the American liberal movement. Berkeley encompasses a total area of approximately seventeen and two thirds square miles, including just over seven square miles of surface water. Berkeley is currently governed by Mayor Tom Bates, as well as an eight member city council.

The original inhabitants of what is now considered Berkeley were Native Americans of the Ohlone Tribe, who lived in the area for thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers. The De Anza Expedition was the first group of Europeans and Americans to discover the region, in the year seventeen seventy six. The earliest structure constructed in the region is actually still standing – the Presidio of San Francisco found to the west of modern-day Berkeley. Until the end of the nineteenth century, Berkeley was predominately farmland, docks, and vacant land. Eventually, however, the region grew due to the establishment of a university in the region, and the community was officially incorporated in the year eighteen seventy eight.

The educational needs of Berkeley are met by a number of public and private institutions, including the highly prestigious University of California at Berkeley. The Berkeley Unified School District is responsible for public elementary and secondary schools , and other notable institutions include Saint Mary's College High School, and Berkeley City College. Interesting annual events in Berkeley include the Berkeley Arts Festival, the Himalayan Fair, the Berkeley Kite Festival, the Solano Stroll, and the Jewish Music Festival. Attractions near Berkeley real estate and properties include the Berkeley Marina, the Berkeley History Center, the Berkeley Rose Garden, Tilden Regional Park, and the Lawrence Hall of Science.