Alameda County Real Estate Information

Alameda County is a heavily populated county situated in the central western portion of the state of California. Alameda County has a population of approximately one million, four hundred sixty thousand residents, an increase of about fourteen thousand persons since the last census was conducted in the year two thousand. Alameda County is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically the eastern portion of the region. The county seat of Alameda County is Oakland, which also happens to be the most populous community in Alameda County. The county covers a total area of about eight hundred and twenty square miles, including about eighty square miles of standing surface water. Alameda County is the seventh largest county in the state of California, and has a population density of about two thousand persons per square mile.

The area which now composes Alameda County was originally the territory of a number of Native American tribes and bands, who explored and settled in the region thousands of years prior to the arrival of European settlers. Although there were a few expeditions that passed through the region during the eighteenth century and prior to that, there were no non-mission settlements until the latter portion of the eighteenth century. Alameda County itself was officially recognized in the year eighteen fifty three, a move that divided the formerly massive Contra Costa County. Alameda County's name is a reference to the trees which line the nearby river (alameda translates to “place where poplar trees grow”)

While there are a number of annual events that take place near Alameda County real estate and properties, the primary county-sponsored event is the county fair, which runs during the summer for three consecutive weekends. Sports teams in Alameda County are abundant, both on the professional and recreational levels. Some of the most popular teams include the California Golden Bears, the Oakland Athletics, the Oakland Raiders, and the Golden State Warriors. Notable points of interest in Alameda County include the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, Tilden Regional Park, Sunol Water Temple, Livermore Valley, and the Lawrence Hall of Science. There are plenty of ways to get around in Alameda County, including both streets and public transit systems – BART, ACE, and WHEELS, most notably.