Albany Real Estate Information

Albany is a medium sized community situated in the central western portion of the Golden State, commonly known as the Bay Area. Albany has a population of approximately sixteen thousand five hundred residents, at least as of the most recent census, which was conducted in the year two thousand. Albany covers a total area of approximately five and a half square miles, including just short of four square miles of surface water. Disregarding the water, this gives Albany a population density of almost ten thousand residents per square mile. Albany is found in Alameda County, which is the seventh most heavily populated county in the state of California. Albany has a rather high per capita income, although it is also very diverse in terms of race and other demographic indicators.

Although the original inhabitants of the region which is now considered Albany were Native Americans, their long-standing influence began to decline very quickly after the arrival of European, specifically Spanish, settlers. Explorers first traveled through the region during the eighteenth century, establishing a series of forts and missions in the name of the Spanish Kingdom. Heavy settlement by Americans began in the nineteenth century, and the town was officially incorporated in the year nineteen nine. Albany originally had the name Ocean View, and received its current title just a year after incorporation. Albany calls itself the “Northern Gateway to Alameda County”, which is pretty much a dead giveaway as to the geographic location of the community.

The educational needs of Albany are met by a number of public and private institutions on the primary, secondary, and post secondary levels. However, the largest conglomerate of schools near Albany real estate and properties is the Albany Unified School District, which includes a total of six institutions. Albany also offers easy access to Saint Mary's College High School and the University of California at Berkeley. Points of interest located in and near Albany include the Solano Stroll, the Golden Gate Fields, Eastshore State Park, and Solano Avenue. Other nearby attractions include the Berkeley Aquatic Park, the Albany Pool, and the Albany Veterans Memorial.