El Cerrito Real Estate Information

El Cerrito is a medium sized community found in the central western portion of the state of California. El Cerrito has a population of approximately twenty three thousand two hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Golden State. El Cerrito is found in Contra Costa County, which at one point was the largest county in the entirety of California. El Cerrito is located less than a hundred feet above sea level, in a predominately hilly region. El Cerrito covers a total area of approximately three and a half square miles, although there are no substantially large bodies of water included in that total. El Cerrito has a motto of “where the music rocks and the hills roll”, a testament to the cultural legacy and landscape of the region.

The early history of El Cerrito is largely the same as the rest of the Bay Area of California. The original inhabitants were Native Americans, who explored the region literally thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers or settlers. However, their influence rapidly declined following the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and French explorers, who set up a number of forts and missions in the region. The settlements in the region were established towards the second half of the nineteenth century, and include the large city of San Francisco. El Cerrito itself was founded after the nineteen six San Francisco earthquake, which drove a number of settlers to the region. The town was originally known as Rust, and was officially incorporated in the year nineteen seventeen.

El Cerrito is currently governed by Mayor William Jones III, and is a largely upper middle class community. El Cerrito is notable for being home to the largest shopping center in the city, El Cerrito Plaza, which is the commercial hub for the city in particular and the region in general. Parks in El Cerrito include Huber Park, Cerrito Vista Park, Arlington Park, and Hillside Park. Notable residents of El Cerrito throughout the years include Les Blank, Laarissa kelly, Matt Young, and Drew Gooden. Educational opportunities found near El Cerrito properties and real estate include the Keystone Montessori School, Tehiyah Day School, El Cerrito High School, Harding Elementary School, and Saint Jerome Catholic School.