Emeryville Real Estate Information

Emeryville is a relatively small community found in the central western portion of the state of California. Emeryville has a population of approximately nine thousand seven hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Golden State. Emeryville is situated in Alameda County, which is one of the most heavily populated communities in the state of California. Emeryville is located about halfway between the cities of Berkeley and Oakland, and has grown somewhat rapidly during the past several years. Emeryville is currently governed by Mayor Richard Kassis, and is a predominately Democratic liberal community. Emeryville covers a total area of just less than two square miles, including about two thirds of a square mile of standing surface water, giving the city a population density of approximately six thousand residents per square mile.

As is the case with the rest of the Bay Area and California at large, the original explorers and inhabitants of what is now considered Emeryville were Native Americans of the Huchuin Tribe. Members of various subsets of this tribe arrived more than ten thousand years before the first Spanish conquistadors and explorers arrived in the year seventeen seventy six. Although conquistadors and missionaries set up a number of fortified missions, heavy settlements did not arrive until the expanded influence of America in the second half of the nineteenth century. Emeryville was officially incorporated as a township of the Golden State in the year eighteen ninety six, and was reincorporated as a city a number of decades later.

The educational needs of Emeryville are met by a number of private and public institutions on the primary, secondary, and post secondary levels. The primary provider is the Emery Unified School District, which maintains the Anna Yates Elementary School and the Emery Secondary School, although there are also a number of nearby parochial and private schools as well as the Expression College for the Digital Arts. Transportation near Emeryville is provided by three major interstates, a BART Station, and an Amtrak Station. Points of interest near Emeryville include a number of movie theaters, shopping centers, and restaurants both in Emeryville itself and in the rest of the Bay Area. Recreational facilities near Emeryville include the Eastshore State Park, Berkeley Aquatic Park, Shorebird Park, and the Tilden Regional Park.