Kensington Village Real Estate Information

Kensington, also known as Kensington Park and Kensington Village, is a relatively small community found in the Bay Area of California. Kensington has a population of approximately four hundred nine hundred residents, and is technically considered an unincorporated census designated place of the Golden State. Kensington is found in the East Bay portion of Contra Costa County. Kensington does not elect a mayor, city council, or other form of municipal government, although it obviously elects representatives to the state and national legislatures. Kensington covers a total area of just over one square mile, although there are no significantly large bodies of water. This gives Kensington a population density of about four thousand five hundred residents per square mile.

The original inhabitants of Kensington were Native Americans, specifically those of the Huichin Band of Ohlone Indians. This group dominated much of the Bay Area of California, although its influence declined rapidly upon the arrival of European, Mexican, and American explorers and settlers. The first private, non-governmental owner of the land which is now considered Kensington was Francisco Castro, whose descendant eventually sold the land to Anson Blake, one of the earlier American settlers. Kensington received its current name in the year nineteen twenty one, and had an important military role during the Cold War. Interestingly, while Kensington has remained unincorporated and does not maintain a municipal government, there are still two local elected oversight boards, which supervise the Police Department and the Fire Department.

The community of Kensington borders a number of other cities, towns, and areas, including Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Tilden Regional Park, and Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. Kensington is an extremely prestigious and upscale community, with a very high per capita income and a predominately residential and suburban character. Educational opportunities in Kensington are offered by schools including Saint Jerome Catholic School, El Cerrito Senior High School, Albany High School, Albany Middle School, Marin Elementary School, and Harding Elementary School. Points of interest located near Kensington properties and real estate include Tilden Regional Park, the Tilden Park Golf Course, and the Oaks Theater.