Marina Bay Real Estate Information

Marina Bay is an upscale waterfront community and docking area found in the Bay Area of the Golden State. Marina Bay is not found within San Francisco Proper, and is rather found in the ocean front portion of the suburb of Richmond. Marina Bay does not have any clearly defined boundaries, although one would be hard-pressed to extend the community beyond a few condominiums and townhouses near the marina itself. Due to these generally presumed borders, Marina Bay has space for at most a couple thousand residents. Marina Bay properties and real estate are highly prestigious and widely sought after, due to their limited nature and prime location. Marina Bay is almost entirely residential, and is mostly a master planned community that was just recently developed.

The Bay Area of San Francisco, including what is now considered Marina Bay was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Huchiun Tribe, more than ten thousand years ago. The first non-Native Americans to explore and map the Bay Area were Spanish conquistadors, who arrived in the midst of the eighteenth century. However, they did not establish any permanent residential communities aside from missions and forts for their accompanying priests and conquistadors. Marina Bay itself did not exist until the nineteen eighties, when it sprung from the remains of the Kaiser Shipyards, a World War II complex designed for creating war ships for both fronts. Marina Bay is home to a total of eight hundred and fifty slips, and is quite upscale even for the Bay Area.

The hiking, walking, and biking paths of the scenic San Francisco Bay Trail pass through the community of Marina Bay and pass the marina facilities themselves on its way from Point Isabel to the Richmond Greenway. Marina Bay is notable for being home to the Rosie the Riveter Monument, which commemorates the millions of American women who labored on the home front during the Second World War. Educational institutions in and around Marina Bay include both private and public schools. These include Kennedy High School, the Windrush School, Castro Elementary School, Mira Vista Elementary School, the Fairmont Elementary School, Stege Elementary School, and El Cerrito Senior High School. Points of interest in the general vicinity of Marina Bay include the Cerrito Speakeasy Theater, Marina Park, Vincent Park, and the Richmond Swim Center.