Piedmont Real Estate Information

Piedmont is a medium sized community found in the central western portion of the state of California. Piedmont has a population of approximately ten thousand nine hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Golden State. Piedmont is situated in Alameda County, which is a part of the Bay Area of California. Piedmont is relatively small in physical terms, covering a mere one and two thirds square miles at an altitude of about three hundred feet. Piedmont is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States by both Money Magazine and Forbes, a testament to its classy designs, great schools, and green spaces. Piedmont is an extremely wealthy and affluent community, with a per capita income exceeding the median family income in many other residential communities.

The first inhabitants of what is now considered Piedmont were Native Americans, who explored and resided in the area for literally thousands of years before the arrival of conquistadors in the late eighteenth century. Heavier European and American settlement occurred in the middle portion of the nineteenth century, especially after the United States defeated Mexico in the Mexican-American war. Piedmont started to develop as a community in the second half of the nineteenth century, as it had been ranch land before then. Piedmont was officially incorporated as a city in the year nineteen seven, and received the reputation of the “city of millionaires” within the next couple of decades.

Educational opportunities in Piedmont are offered by the Piedmont Unified School District, which includes Havens Elementary, Beach Elementary, Wildwood Elementary, Piedmont Middle, Millennium Middle, and Piedmont High Schools. They are extremely well-funded, and continue to be highly rated in almost all areas of inspection and analysis. Notable residents of Piedmont throughout the years include Dave McCarty, Bubba Paris, Peter Docter, Tre Cool, Billie Joe Armstrong, Robert McNamara, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Schwab. Points of interest in and around Piedmont include Piedmont Park, Piedmont Theater, the Grand Lake Theater, and Parkway Theater. Other parks in the region include Maxwell Park, Redwood Regional Park, the Bella Vista Recreation Area, and Peralta Hacienda Park.